An international firm of architects, planners and interior designers specialising in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects.

Our work is centered around the corporate workplace. We help you from the very scratch with the development of the design to the infrastructure, the interiors and all the finishing touches. 


Our team of expert architects develop a sketch and plan, constantly renovating it based on your suitability before the finalization. Our plans are developed keeping in mind the space available and the budget that’s feasible, bring out the best possible. You will be able to experience the process of transformation of how the plan on paper evolves into an ideal physical structure.


Setting up your offices can be a hassle, but we can help you out. From choosing the color scheme, material, tables, chairs and couches- we are all for it. Our designers have a long-standing experience in the field of corporate designs and interiors, who will be able to best pick out furniture that has a corporate and professional outlook. We also take care of all kinds of re-furnishing and renovation that is needed at your offices.


Among our services, this is very important. We want to ensure that your office has an aesthetic appeal. The infrastructure must speak professional and should be the face of the brand. For this reason our architects go a long way to ensure proper landscaping is done keeping in mind all the essential features are visible in the infrastructure.


At Ambianté, our engineers work with the team of designers to ensure quality infrastructure. They are involved in the design and installation of all the elements of the building and laying a strong foundation. With their aid, we can assure you fault-free constructions and you will have no complaints. They also work to renovate and provide any kind of maintenance work if required.


We undertake a variety of projects and oversee all aspects of the design and construction processes. A team that continuously works at planning, executing and reviewing designs to ensure that the plan meets the individual needs and is feasible to the environmental standards. This also makes it possible to develop plans managing different spaces and budgets.